Somos Finance Services for Estate Agents

SOMOS Finance
The best mortgage advice for buyers

The best mortgage advice for buyers

If you are seeking optimal solutions for your clients and aiming for successful closures, consider becoming our partner.

  • We operate collaboratively with estate agents to enhance your transactions.
  • We guarantee a personalised service and utmost professionalism.
  • We are the link between the client and the property offered by the property adviser.

Advantages of SOMOS Finance

  • Customer Satisfaction

    We accompany the client throughout their mortgage journey, thus improving their purchase experience. We increase the chances of the estate agent being recommended.

    Customer Satisfaction
  • Continuos information

    We will keep you updated on the progress of your client's mortgage application so that you can have an idea of how many days are left to sign. You will be provided with updates on a continuous basis.

    Continuos information
  • Success

    The mortgage will no longer be an obstacle to the sale of properties.

  • Agility

    We expedite the sale and purchase process by ensuring your clients quickly secure their mortgages.

  • Additional income

    You receive fixed incentives for providing us with transactions.

    Additional income
  • The best conditions

    Your customers will have access to the best terms for their mortgage, as we collaborate with the main banks.

    The best conditions

Management process

  • 1


    We request the mortgage feasibility study for your client through our technological platform or via the usual contact channels with your advisor.

  • 2

    Applications to banks

    We select the best financial offer based on the customer profile. We negotiate with the bank and present you with the most favourable option.
    We take care of all the paperwork.

  • 3


    We determine the viability of each operation and, if necessary, suggest redirection strategies.
    This enables us to confirm financing before any commitment to purchasing the property is made.

  • 4


    We coordinate the management of the property valuation by carrying out all the up-front study, streamlining the times and optimising the necessary values.

  • 5


    We explain the steps of the mortgage process in detail to the client.
    Additionally, we collect the necessary documentation to initiate negotiations with financial institutions.

  • 6

    Management of contract signature

    We verify the documents - training in legal, tax, notary and financial areas.
    Our contract signature department will accompany clients in the process of formalisation up to the signature at the notary.